Anderson Longevity Clinic

Jacksonville based medical clinic. Dr Brian Anderson performs medical treatments including low testosterone replacement, Growth Hormone Treatments, Peptide Treatments, PRP injury treatments, and Prolotherapy. Dr Marisol Moon performs the pshot and oshot procedures. She also performs PRP hair loss treatment.

Peptide Treatments

Peptides including BPC 157, CJC 1295, and Ipamorelin and very common treatments at the Anderson Longevity Clinic. Dr Brian Anderson uses peptides to help patients heal. Ben Greenfield and others have noted tremendous healing with BPC-157. We are proud to be the first clinic in Jacksonville to offer BPC-157.

PRP Injury Treatments

The Anderson Longevity Clinic has been treating athletes with injuries using PRP for a long time. PRP may be a great alternative to surgery in some cases. PRP has helped many people to heal without surgery. PRP has little down time. Dr Brian Anderson enjoys treating patients with PRP injections. Check out our Jacksonville office if you would liek to learn more about PRP treatments for injury.

Testosterone Replacement

Dr Brian Anderson has been treating men with Low Testosterone in Jacksonville for years. Low Testosterone can be fixed and the Anderson Longevity Clinic’s protocols have enabled many men to get their lives back. Low T is very common and can lead to fatigue, ED, and decreased quality of life. Contact Dr Brian Anderson at the Anderson Longevity Clinic to learn more. Our Jacksonville office would be happy to help.


Prolotherapy is an injury treatment that Dr Brian Anderson and Dr Marisol Moon perform. Prolo involves injection based treatments. The Anderson Longevity Clinic uses these treatments to help patients to heal. Contact Dr Anderson or Dr Moon today at our Jacksonville office.

Growth Hormone

Low Growth Hormone affects many adults. Peptide treatment for low growth hormone has been shown to be effective for many. Peptides are injected proteins. Dr Brian Anderson has been helping people fight the aging process using peptides for years. Call Dr Anderson and the Anderson Longevity Clinic in Jacksonville to learn more. Peptide treatment for low growth hormone is easy.

*All patients must quality for any medical treatment.

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