Peptide For Growth Hormone Treatment

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Peptides may be a safer alternative to traditional growth hormone treatment.

Many physicians who practice anti-aging medicine are turned to peptides to low growth hormone conditions.

The rationale by many is that peptides are safer than traditional treatment and have many less side effects. Growth hormone has been known to contribute to issues including: intestinal enlargement, bone growth, and may affect the body’s own GH production long term. Peptides have been used to effectively treat adult onset growth hormone deficiency and accelerated aging.

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The Anderson Longevity Clinic uses highly effective PRP injection technology and Prolotherapy to heal athletes [without surgery]. 

Dr Brian Anderson has also developed highly successful treatment protocols that have been used successfully by many. Our treatment protocols address: tissue blood flow, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, and hormonal factors. Get Back To Doing The Things That You Love.

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Dr Brian Anderson

Low Growth Hormone Treatment With Peptides

Low Growth Hormone usually occurs when the brain fails to produce enough growth hormone.

Low Growth hormone can reduce your ability to maintain optimal health and can dramatically lower the quality of your life. Symptoms can include:

  • decrease in muscle bulk and strength

  • increase in body fat

  • sagging skin

  • low energy level

  • difficulty healing injuries

  • impaired concentration and memory

Growth Hormone Deficiency can often be treated successfully with a peptide such as CJC-1295 and/or Ipamorelin.

Peptides stimulate the brain to release your own Growth Hormone. As we get older, growth hormone can become deficient and our goal restore your Growth Hormone to a youthful level.

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