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Researchers have discovered that sarcopenia can increase your risk of many health issues including: falls, loss of independence, disability, and death. Decreased leg muscle mass is especially associated with our ability to walk as we age.

Increasing Muscle Mass With Age...

Researchers at the University of Florida recently found:

  • Dietary interventions involving protein supplementation improved functional and/or strength with age

  • Exercise interventions and combined diet and exercise interventions produced consistent improvements in maintaining lower body muscle strength

  • A much larger number of older adults will have future problems with losing muscle mass than previously thought

    Testosterone Injections Jacksonville FL

Replacing low testosterone along with resistance training has been shown to prevent the accelerated loss of muscle mass with aging.

Testosterone has also been shown to up-regulate the genes that are involved in increasing muscle mass.

In summary, diet, exercise, and replacing low testosterone have all been shown to be highly effective at preventing this serious issue.

Testosterone Clinic Jacksonville FL

Testosterone Clinic Jacksonville FL

Testosterone Good Mood News!*

We all know about testosterone's importance when it comes to libido, fat loss, and longevity. But new research shows that testosterone can also play an important role in your state of mind, including how well your brain works.

That’s why low testosterone has been linked with symptoms like mood swings, increased stress, and depression. Low testosterone related issues can also put a strain on your relationships and lead to feelings of disappointment or rejection. 

According to research, testosterone may have significant anti-depressant properties. They printed a recent study stating that "Testosterone, the primary male sex hormone, appears to have antidepressant properties,... [however] the exact mechanisms underlying its effects have remained unclear".

Scientists discovered that a specific pathway in the brain called the hippocampus (a brain region involved in memory formation and regulation of stress responses), plays a major role in mediating testosterone's effects. 

 "Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to effectively improve mood"- Science Daily

From an overall health perspective, testosterone has also been shown to improve cholesterol and insulin's effectiveness.

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